Coast Hydro, Inc. is a Mississippi 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of hydroponics and aquaponics research, outreach and education of youth and agriculture professionals, and the overall advancement of modern sustainability practices to reduce the environmental impact of current farming techniques through education of sustainable practices and land management.

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Our Vision

In the coming years, we will build the first of its kind, aquaponic botanical garden. The entire facility will have plants grown almost exclusively from hydroponic and aquaponic methods, and be somewhat of a mixture of an aquarium and botanical garden. 

This facility will be a great place to come view and learn or just relax in the courtyard, while sipping a drink and chatting with a friend, all while viewing nature's spectacles in an environmentally controlled area.​

Production Greenhouses

Production greenhouses can output as much as 10,000 heads of lettuce per unit as well as many other vegetables. Grown hydroponically, these greenhouses can grow lettuce for the market and restaurants in roughly half the time as a traditional farm. And since we are local, we can let vegetables completely ripen in growth which provides significantly better flavor at the dinner table.

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From Our Executive Director

Shane Melaugh

As the population grows, and medicine keeps us all alive for longer, we lose more of our farmlands each year. Notwithstanding the nutrient runoff and pesticides that enter our food and water each day, the very fact that we are running out of land to farm for housing and commerce should be enough to concern anyone. 

Hydroponic and aquaponic production has been growing by leaps and bounds and 10 years from now, it will no longer be the exception - it will be the new normal. Our universities are teaching it as part of their curriculum and these students will become our new farmers. Here at Coast Hydro, we hope to give our youth a jump-start on that, show them a new way of food production that will be normal to them, and help to prepare them for careers in this growing industry.

We do this by creating a fun learning environment and we will continue to do this through our facility as we grow into a common name in the area. As we grow, Mississippi will be known as the growth place of hydroponic and aquaponic engineers. And when we complete our build of the first in the world aquaponic botanical garden, others will follow suit and help educate the public on these wonderful growing mediums that are more sustainable, better for the environment, and provide a significantly increased production maximizing the space.​

Damion Flynn, Executive Director