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Learning about hydroponics and aquaponics can be super-exciting, regardless of age. Through my years of educational speaking in this field, I have noticed that the inquiry level is just as high in 60 year old men and women as it is in 10 year old children. We know how to make things fun and hold the audience through engagement.

Types of Speaking Engagements

Elementary and Middle Schools

In this field, we like to be able to come in and do a short presentation while building a system during the discussion. It is the best way to keep the children’s attention while giving them actionable items to maintain a system through the year and see production coming from it. Systems can range from small herb gardens over a 10-gallon aquarium to hobby production systems set up in a corner or designated outdoor space.

The costs of this type of project vary and most public school systems do not have the funds to pay for it so we talk with the requesting teacher, gain administrative approval, and go to the public to seek donors/sponsors for the system.

Teachers without room or approval for a system in their classroom or on campus, have no fear. We are currently seeking donations to build a mobile greenhouse that we can drive to your location. Add your name to our email list at the bottom of the page to be sure to get notified when we are ready with it and we can bring the classroom to you!

High Schools

We have found that high school students are most likely to pay attention and learn when they have a vested interest in a project. While we can do straight classroom projects, they typically have a high failure rate due to the short time in the class.

What we do here is a little different. We do standard presentations which garner attention, but we have found that having a multi-class project where there are several groups of vocational or agricultural students that share responsibility for a larger project works best.

Project pricing is dependent on needs and amount of students involved. With teacher and administrative approval, we seek donations for anything over any existing budget from school alumni, parents, and outside donors or business sponsors.

Adult Learning

We have several adult programs and they vary. We are most booked through the Master Gardeners in different counties as part of our “Educate the Educators” program. This is typically a 1 hour presentation where we share the similarities between multiple growing methods and compare them in a manner to understand for those that are usually used to growing in soil.

We ask a nominal speaking fee of $100 plus any travel expenses. Fees are usually considered a charitable donation. If your organization is unable to raise the speaking fee, with notice we may be able to have someone sponsor the event as long as your organization is okay with our displaying the business sponsor information at some point during the presentation.

If you wish to arrange a speaking engagement, please go to our CONTACT page and send us a message.