Child Education

It is estimated that the impact of hydroponic-related jobs will be in the trillions of dollars over the next 10 years. Major universities are adding hydroponic-related studies to their agriculture curriculum and even have certificate and technical degree programs specific to growing hydroponically.

There is no doubt that the face of agriculture is changing and hydroponically grown produce is an industry that is growing at astronomical proportions. This organization is dedicated around the idea of educating others, but especially the children of South Mississippi. We expect our efforts to directly affect the opportunities for our youth in this growing field by introducing them to the principles and techniques at an early age.

Adult Education

Hydroponic (or Aquaponic) growing can grow crops 30-50% faster than traditional farming, using 70-90% less water, and with no need to rotate crops, you can generally turn your "fields" more often resulting in substantially more return over the course of a year. 

The vegetables grown hydroponically are more nutritious (2:1 or more, 2000 study, Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses), taste better because they are generally allowed to ripen on the vine giving more time to develop flavor and avoiding the use of chemicals to artificially ripen vegetables after they are shipped to their destination.

Our facility will help train Mississippi farmers that want to learn how to convert their existing farms, or portions thereof, as well as training others from across the country that will visit the MS Coast for advanced training in systems design and operations. Business planning and implementation will also be covered through an all-inclusive course that will guide interested people with no knowledge to have the knowledge and confidence to go and start their own commercial operation. 

We will also provide support to our students as they return to their farms to implement.