To our knowledge, this has never been done anywhere in the world. We are going to create the first Aquaponic Botanical Garden. 

Great! But what does that mean?
Aquaponics is, in its simplest definition, a culmination of hydroponics and aquaculture. We use the fish waste and the natural nitrification process (nitrogen cycle) to give plants the nutrients they need and the plants, in turn, remove those nutrients from the water so the fish can have clean water to swim in. And, the cycle continues. It is, for all intents and purposes, a balanced ecosystem.

Because of the uniqueness of the concept of fueling an entire botanical garden off of fish waste, this will not only become a beautiful garden to visit for its serene factor, but also because of its scientific balance - utilizing nature to conserve water and effectively create a somewhat closed ecosystem.

The gardens will have food and drinks making it an ideal place to come and relax on your lunch break or for a business party, or even for an after hour cocktail on one of our open garden nights. But most importantly, it will be a place where you can sit and relax overlooking a Koi pond providing nutrients to the palms and flowers around it or if you prefer a little more frenzy in your evening, you can watch the feeding of the fish (we anticipate getting the licensing needs to put together a red-bellied piranha tank). 

No matter your desires, our gardens will help you get closer to nature and be an ideal setting for corporate parties.