Everyone loves to come home and relax. Some choose to watch TV while others enjoy an outdoor space. We can help you utilize that space in a much more functional way.

How would you like a garden you never have to water?
How would you like to grab fresh herbs for dinner and a salad growing right beside your kitchen counter?
How would you like to convert your restaurant’s outdoor eating space into a living oasis?

We can work with local landscapers and/or contractors for large projects or even consult directly with a homeowner on building a home hydroponic or aquaponic system to grow food or flowers and transform your living space.

It’s Not What You Think

Many people think of hydroponics or aquaponics and they think of huge containers of water and pipes all over the place. Those are typically referred to as production systems. What you may not know is that we can also create systems that blend naturally into the landscape.

We can utilize a small pond to grow fish for eating (or decoration such as Koi) and utilize the nutrients created from them to feed plants. These systems can be fully integrated into the landscape making them look natural to onlookers which gives you a great yard ambience while having a garden that requires minimal maintenance on your part and doesn’t require you to water it every day when it doesn’t rain.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. It all starts with you picking up the phone and calling us or sending us a message through our contact page.

  1. We will discuss your needs and schedule an on-site consult if needed
  2. If we need to come to you to consult, we will review the area and make recommendations
  3. Once you decide to get started, we will arrange our part from there (some larger projects may require contractors. In those cases, we can act as the project manager or you can contact contractors for any portions that are beyond our scope. Very few projects require outside contractors).

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