The commercial greenhouse will be one of the first buildings constructed and is expected to be able to turn over a substantial amount of produce in a small space. Starting off, we will be producing 4 different types of lettuce and working with local restaurants to provide the best tasting salads imaginable. In addition to the lettuces, we will have a variety of tomatoes and peppers requested by the establishments we contract with. Any non-contract overages will also be available through a retail space on location and additional sponsored greenhouses will have produce sold on-site as well as local grocers.

We anticipate being able to turn out close to 10,000 heads of lettuce per month, cycling on a daily basis, so about 300 heads per day, or 75 heads of 4 varieties per greenhouse section. 

As we grow our operation, additional space can be utilized for more greenhouses. Each greenhouse will be able to produce this volume in a space that is about the size of a large home, or roughly 2400 square feet so we can increase our production substantially with minimal footprint.