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Mobile Greenhouse

We have been doing classroom education since 2015 and the biggest obstacle we run in to is teachers not having space to really engage the students with these technologies. We are in the process of building a mobile hydroponic greenhouse on a converted trailer.

The cost of this project is substantial and we are reaching out to the community and local businesses to help fund it. Local businesses will receive a permanent “sponsored by” logo on the mobile greenhouse as well as a permanent link and logo on our website on the official Mobile Greenhouse page (once created and complete). For more details, please see the official page or contact us about sponsoring this project.

Classroom System

These classroom systems vary in price depending on the class and size of the project. Most systems are in the $300 to $1,000. These are typically built in grades 3 – 6 as part of science classroom exhibits and have a high visibility rate for students and parents. Fully funding one of these projects (minimum $500) will receive a “Donated By” plaque with your name or business name. If you have spoken with us or the teacher and for a specific classroom, please be sure to put the teacher’s name in the notes.

Video Education Series

This professional video series is expected to start funding mid- 2020. More information will be available and sponsorship opportunities will be open at that time. We do not want to start this project until mobile greenhouse is completely funded.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements cost us time and money. Many organizations cannot afford to pay even a small fee. Sponsor these events for $200 and get your name or company name mentioned and displayed to the audience. Typical audiences range from 10 to 100 with a high social-sharing rate. If you have a specific engagement you are wishing to sponsor, please make a note of it in the PayPal notes section.

Use PayPal link to right (or below if on mobile device) to donate. Business Sponsorship of Mobile Greenhouse should be discussed with us prior to payment.